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Our Breeding Goals:

Thank you for your interest in our dogs and our breeding program. We strive to produce happy, healthy, outgoing puppies with people pleasing personalities, and from humble beginnings, we have selectively bred for Teddy Bear Type and people loving temperament since 1980.

Our puppies have proven themselves from generation to generation to be very adaptable - and they love their "people." We produce family-oriented loving pets with the potential to do as much or to go as far as their "people" would like to take them. If you adopt a Teddy Bear puppy or adult, they are yours to take into the show ring for that Championship title, or into the obedience ring to demonstrate their remarkable ability to learn, or into the agility ring to show how well a dog and human coalesce to think alike and work together.  Many Wright's pups have earned titles from Show Champion and Obedience to Agility.

Of course, you can settle on just loving them and spoiling them at home.  Many have done well with their people in other competitions such as Flyball!  Some have been in TV commercials, part of Magic Shows, and many are certified as companion animal therapists.  There are no limits to the relationship that you can develop with your Eskie.

Teddy Bear Type:

We (Wright's American Eskimos) originated the "Teddy Bear Type." We started the "Teddy Bear" phrase and corresponding type very early in our breeding program which dates back to the early 1980's.  Our intention was to provide a phrase that visualizes and describes a type of eskie that has a broader muzzle, heavier coat, heavier bone, a little more substance (but not overdone) which gives the dog a fuller, more aristocratic, yet balanced appearance. Our dogs are bred from several generations of hand-picked dogs that are structurally well balanced, have correct single tracking movement and a flowing, elegant ground covering gait.

FAQ:  Yes - All of our puppies ARE the Teddy Bear Type...

Wright's American Eskimos originated the "Teddy Bear Type" eskie during the 1980's. The development and refinement of the genetics that produces the Teddy Bear Type comes from selective breeding and line breeding to "stack the deck" with the desired traits for coat, bone substance and balance.  Many of the expressed traits for this type are recessive, which means that they are not expressed unless the genes are contributed by both parents.  These traits can become easily hidden through an outcross or by breeding to heterozygous traits.  Only by using the principles of selective breeding can these traits can pair up to become homozygous.

The personality traits and the overall expressed traits are different than the dogs produced by breeding similar bloodlines. We have spent almost 30 years into creating this specialized type. and we are proud to consistently achieve a very high degree of uniformity in our puppies.

When breeding our bloodlines for more substance and bone, the puppies develop slowly and often go through many awkward physical and emotional stages as they mature.  They usually take longer to go through the stages of development.  Generally, our puppies take 2 to 3 years before true physical adulthood is reached. But they also seem to always retain the playful mind of puppyhood.



Reservations and Deposits

Please go to the Adoption & Reservation Information page for details regarding the adoption process, how to reserve a puppy and considerations regarding transportation.

Click here for Adoption & Reservation Information  (also transport information)

To be placed on the reservation list, a deposit of $25 is required. The deposit is applied to the adoption cost.  The remaining amount is not due until the puppy is picked up, or just prior to making shipping arrangements.

Mailing Address:
Theresa Wright
121 Ridgemount Drive
Troy, MO  63379
Emails are preferred.
Phone: 573-384-5043  (best time - evenings/weekends)

Puppy Slideshow

Litter and Puppy Availability
  • The timing and availability of puppies is completely up to mother nature.
  • The moms usually rest a cycle in between litters. (Time span is 6-10 months between cycles.)
  • When placing a deposit for a future puppy from a future litter, please bear in mind that the timeframe for when a puppy will be available cannot be guaranteed. We have to work with what is provided by nature.
  • Mother nature controls the willingness of the dogs to breed, the timing of when litters arrive, the number of puppies as well as the number of males/females in the litter.
  • The time frame from birth to weaning is 5-6 months from the time mating takes place until the time the puppy is ready.
  • Gestation (after mating) is approximately 9 weeks.
  • Puppies are ready to go around 10-12 weeks of age.

2017 Litter Pictures

Puppies at 3 weeks
Boys at 6 weeks
Girls at 6 weeks
Boys at 7 weeks
Girls at 7 weeks
Boys at 8 weeks
Girls at 8 weeks
Puppies at 9 weeks

Previous Litter

 Amethyst- Chewbacca - Planned litter Jan 2019

  • Puppies will be standard size - 16-17 inches, 30-35 pounds.
  • Pedigrees are located on the pedigrees pages
  • Amethyst is a daughter of Ruby and Ben.
  • Ruby is a grand daughter of CH. AWD Neskowin Prince and her lineage includes our original dogs, Obe and Quantum
  • Amethyst is calm, not demanding, has a good deal of self confidence and is very pleasant natured
  • Amethyst is a natural and very good mother

Amethyst       Ruby       Chewbacca      

        Amethyst                                               Ruby (Grandmother)              Chewbacca

2018 Litter Pictures

Puppies at 2 weeks
Puppies at 3 weeks
Puppies at 4 weeks
Puppies at 5 weeks
Puppies at 6 weeks
Puppies at 7 weeks
Puppies at 8 weeks

Previous Litter
Pictures 2017

Puppies at 2 weeks
Puppies at 3 weeks
Puppies at 4 weeks
Puppies at 5 weeks
Puppies at 6 weeks
Puppies at 7 weeks
Puppies at 8 weeks (rainy)
Puppies at 9 weeks
Puppies at 10 weeks
Puppy- 12 weeks

2015 Litter Pictures

Puppies at 5 weeks
Puppies at 7 weeks
Crystal/Legolas  - Puppies arrived August 13, 2018 - All Puppies have been adopted
  • There are 6 puppies - 5 girls and one boy.
  •  Puppies will be ready in mid-late October 2018
  • We are going down the wait list for the puppies, please contact us to get on the contingency list.
  • There is a wait list and availability will be limited. 
  • Please let us know if you would like to be on the contigency list. 
  • Puppies will be standard size - 15-17 inches, (27-33 pounds)
  • Crystal is a daughter of Kharisma, who is a concentration of our original lines -
    (Obe, Quantum, Charisma and Thunder.)
  • These lines are known for extra broad muzzles, stocky bodies, elegant movement and very outgoing, people-loving personalities.


     Crystal                            Kharisma (grandmother)  Ben (grandsire)                   Legolas  

Geisha's 2018 Litter Pictures

Puppies at 3 weeks
Puppies at 4 weeks
Puppies at 5 weeks
Puppies at 6 weeks
Puppies at 7 weeks
Puppies at 8 weeks

Geisha's 2017 Litter Pictures

Puppies at 2 weeks
Puppies at 5 weeks
Puppies at 6 weeks
Puppies at 7 weeks
Puppies at 8 weeks

Geisha's 2014 Litter Pictures
Puppies at 2 weeks
Puppies at 3 weeks
Puppies at 4 weeks
Puppies at 5 weeks
Puppies at 6 weeks
Puppies at 8 weeks
Puppies at 9 weeks

Snow Geisha - Legolas Standard Size)

- Litter Arrived October 15, 2018

  • Puppies are generally 15-17 inches (25-34 pounds)
  • There are 3 puppies - ALL girls
  • Puppies will be ready in late December 2018
  • All puppies have been reserved - please ask us about the contingency list.
  • Geisha is out of a long line of Wright's American Eskimos
  • Geisha's grandparents are Wright's Nadia, Ch. Dutch, Wright's Sulu and Wright's Kobi
  • Geisha is a very gentle girl, playful, talkative and very attentive and loving.
  • Legolas is a son of Ruby and Chewbacca

   Geisha (standard female)     Legolas

  Geisha                                                   Legolas  

Sabrina 2017 Litter Pictures

3 weeks old
4 weeks old
5 weeks old
7 weeks old
8 weeks old
9 weeks old

Sabrina - Legolas - Standard Size Planned Breeding for Winter/Spring 2019

  • Puppies should be between 14 and 17 inches when full grown, they have broad muzzles, heavy bone and coat
  • Sabrina is 15 inches tall, has a very heavy coat, is outgoing, has a beautiful nature, is very gentle and sweet
  • Sabrina is a daughter of Siberia and granddaughter of Talia
  • Both Sabrina and Chewbacca are the product of many generations of Wright's bloodlines
  • Both Siberia and Chewbacca are the product of many generations of Wright's bloodlines
  • These lines have exceptional beauty and movement, with extra broad muzzles, more substance and endearing personalities that put people first

    Sabrina_jump          Chewbacca        Siberia

      Sabrina                               Grandma Talia and puppy            Chewbacca                          Siberia


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